how to open a plastic jar?

Sealed jars that have not been used for a long time often cannot be opened. The main reason for the inability to open the plastic jar is that the external air pressure is higher than the inner air pressure. If you want to open the lid, you must balance the atmospheric pressure inside and outside the storage tank.


1. Use sharp knives and the like, gently pry open along the edge of the bottle cap to keep the internal and external atmospheric pressure balanced, and then open; 2. Use stainless steel, brass spoons, keys, wrap paper towels to increase friction, and then Pry the bottle cap along the edge of the bottle mouth to let the air enter the can, and then open it; 3. Use a sharp knife or the like to poke a hole in the lid to release the air, and the air pressure inside and outside the bottle can be opened. 4. Use at home The hot hair dryer repeatedly heats the bottle cap from far to near, and finally you can open the airtight can; 5. Invert the airtight can to a 45-degree angle, then hold the airtight can, tap the bottom of the can, and the lid will open. The principle is to give the jar an impulse, the sealed jar is stopped, and the part of the lid will continue to move due to inertia, and the direction is the direction away from the lid, so it will be loose. On the other hand, because the jar has been sealed for a long time, the lid of the sealed jar is difficult to remove because of the intermolecular force, and knocking the lid also has the effect of breaking the intermolecular force; 6. Soak the sealed jar in the pot, and then use 80 Heat it with hot water for half a minute (note that the heating time should not be too long), or you can pour the lid with hot water for a few minutes, and then pull the lid hard to open it.


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